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2024 Desk Calendar

₹ 800 + shipping

Welcome to a year-round journey through captivating moments frozen in time. This 8x8 inch Desktop Calendar is not just a practical addition to your workspace; it's a personal work of art that celebrates the unique perspective of life. Crafted with care and featuring photos taken by me, this calendar offers a daily reminder of the beauty in life. Every image in this Desktop Calendar is a masterpiece captured to evoke the beauty of everyday moments.

This Desktop Calendar's 8x8 inch size is designed to seamlessly enhance your workspace. It adds a touch of personal beauty and inspiration to your daily routine without taking up too much space. Quality is paramount, which is why I've chosen premium glossy finish photo paper for this calendar. The glossy finish enhances the vibrancy of the photos, giving them a lustrous, high-definition look. Each page adds a touch of elegance to your workspace.

For orders contact me through whatasp or email lijo[dot]jose[dot]mob[at]gmail[dot]com. Ensuring you have this unique piece of art to grace your workspace for the upcoming year.

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